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Probation Officer and Probation Services Officer Training

From the 1st April 2010, the training programme for the Probation Service will change. Previously the qualification for people to work as Probation Officers was the Diploma in Probation Studies. Whilst still recognised, this qualification route is no longer available to new entrants.

In its place will be the Probation Qualifications Framework (PQF). This framework has been designed to allow staff to progress through ascending levels of qualification so that they can be qualified either as a Probation Services Officer or a Probation Officer, the two main operational roles which deal directly with offenders. Details of these roles (and the differences between them), together with the elements of the PQF can be found on the leaflet entitled Access to Probation Qualifications, (available for download below). The qualifications will be gained during employment with the Service.

It should be noted therefore that the first step to take on pursuing these qualifications and a career in the Probation Service as a PSO or PO, will be to join the Service as an unqualified PSO at one of the specified entry points. Gloucestershire Probation Trust will recruit to fill vacancies as and when they occur and we will advertise these vacancies on this website in addition to the Jobs In Probation website and other media.

On successful completion of the entire PQF, PSOs will be fully qualified to apply for PO positions as they become available. It should be noted however that progression through ascending levels of qualification within the PQF will be subject to a selection process designed to meet the workforce needs of Gloucestershire Probation Trust. As such some PSOs will not be supported to train beyond a new minimum necessary qualification which will be the Level 3 Vocational Qualification Diploma in Probation Practice.

Download the Access to Probation Qualifications leaflet.

Click to download the Access to Probation Qualifications leaflet


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