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Victim Contact Scheme

Victim Liason

Protection and support of victims of crime is a top priority for Gloucestershire Probation.

Our Victim Contact Scheme provides an important service for victims and their families involved in serious crime. It enables victims to receive information about an offender's progress through the prison system, or where relevant about a Hospital Order.

It also allows the feelings of victims to be represented, via our Victim Liaison Officer, when cases are discussed at multi-agency meetings and when offenders are being considered for parole, release from prison on licence or a discharge from hospital. In the majority of cases, the information from victims cannot be provided by other agencies and so it has an extremely important role in decisions regarding risk management.

Information from victims is also helpful in assessing the risk an offender poses. This could contribute to a decrease in further offending.

Who is supported?

We have a responsibility to contact victims or victims' families where the offender receives a prison sentence of 12 months or more for a violent or sexual offence or a Hospital Order. This includes cases where a life sentence has been passed.

How does it work?

We obtain feedback from the victim about any concerns they have about their perpetrator's proposed release from prison or from hospital. A written report, containing the victim's views, is submitted to the Parole Board or the Mental Health Tribunal by the Victim Liaison Officer when the board is considering an offender for release.

Other sources of information:

Restorative Justice

You may find the section on Restorative Justice useful.

The Victim's Charter

The Victim's Charter published by the Home Office explains the rights of people who are victims of crime. It can be found at the Home Office website.

Victim Support is the national charity which helps people affected by crime in England and Wales. It gives free and confidential support to help victims deal with what they have been through.

For further details call 0845 3030 900 or visit the Victim Support website.

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